GS1 UK is part of theglobal organisation that defines the industrystandards for any businessthat makes, distributes or sell goods. When you join GS1 UK, you’ll be part of a community of over 2 million businesses globally - with 32,000 in the UK – who adopt GS1standards, like the GTIN, to maketheir process more efficient and to trade with confidence. As a not-for-profit organisation, we work for our members to continually developstandards and services, delivering benefits to the whole industryand enabling trusted data. The GTIN GS1 Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) areunique product identifiers and sit under the barcode found on almost every product. It’s sometimes referred to as aEAN or UPC. GTINsare authentic, trusted and traceable, and act like a passport number for your products, enabling them to be identified and linked back to your company, from wherever you trade. You will need GTINsfrom GS1 to trade with the majorleading retailers, marketplaces and brands, as they increasingly mandate theseforall goods they handle. When should you join GS1 UK? If you’re a manufacturer or a brand and you’re at the stageof creating your packaging or listing your products online,then you’ll need official GTINs from GS1 UK, so you’reready to start trading. When joining GS1 UK, you’ll be assigned your own GS1 company prefix, enabling you to generate as many GTINs as you need for all yourproducts. This company prefix is licenced to you on an annual basis and is unique to your company - making all your GTINs unique to you too. If you would like more information on how GS1 standards visit


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