What is ProSKU? ProSKU is a warehouse management system (WMS). It's a system for managing physical stock, suitable for any growing business in the e-commerce sector. It's designed to be simple and easy to use for the smaller enterprise, and it's available by monthly rental. When Do You Need a WMS? A WMS can provide benefit If you're employing upwards of 2-3 people on stock related activity. A WMS is about managing physical stock, but also about managing the resources and processes associated with physical stock. How is WMS Different to Stock Control? A stock control system manages stock in numbers, for the purpose of selling and buying. A WMS manages physical stock - how you receive and store it, how you pick and despatch it. It also manages the way you do these things, to improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity. So What Are The Benefits? A WMS works on system-based instruction. This means it tells you how to store stock based on logical preferences, and where to find it based on your order requirements. You won’t waste time looking for space, or stock to pick, so you'll maximise use of space and your personnel. Are There Other Benefits? There are many - we're only really scratching the surface. Because a WMS involves using efficient disciplined processes you'll increase productivity from your personnel. You’ll achieve more with the same resources and save money in terms of overtime and extra recruitment. Even More? The list goes on. The processes you use can be made secure and error free, especially if you integrate with handheld devices which allow barcode scanning. Everything you do in the warehouse can be scan-verified in real time, cutting out time-wasting errors and saving you money. Do I Need Other Software Applications? If you're already receiving orders from the web or an e-commerce system a WMS can do the rest, handling everything from receiving to despatch. It doesn't matter if you have a stock control system or not. But if you use carriers or a carrier system we can integrate with those too. Is the ProSKU System Difficult to Implement? Definitely not. There are key pieces of information relating to locations and products we need from you to set a system up. Apart from that we need to know where your orders come from so we can integrate this for you. The whole process really doesn’t need to take long.



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