Profile Tips

Tips on setting up your Wholesale Community Profile

At TWC, we have provided a user-friendly platform for you to maximise your brand exposure! Here are some tips that we recommend you use on how to be found:

Your Dashboard

Your dashboard is your main access to list everything you share to the Community. Your business details, upcoming events, eBooks and more!

Adding a Business Listing

To add your business to our Business Directory, click on the 'Add Listing' button. From here, we recommend you complete the below:

  1. Business Name, Category, and Keywords

    Choose the market categories relevant to your business.
  2. Location

    Add in your business address. This is helpful for users to see where you are based.
  3. Company Description

    Be creative when writing a good description about your business, your history, ownership, products and services you offer.
  4. Gallery Images

    Of course, it would not be complete without images of your company, your brand and logo, or even your products. We recommend up to 4 images of your choosing.
  5. Contact and Social

    It is important not to forget to put in ways for customers to contact you. Include a phone number and email address.
  6. Open and Close times

    Indicate the time your business is open.

Adding an Event

When hosting an event, a meetup, a trade show, or a huge sale, let us all know! We give you an option to add your events in The Wholesale Community, so that customers know if there is something big going on!

  1. Event Title, Category, and Keywords

    Name your event, specify relevant categories and keywords.
  2. Location

    Enter the address where you will be hosting your event - don't forget the post code!
  3. Event Description

    Let customers know what your event is about, what to expect, if an entry fee is required, and any other information that would be useful on the day.
  4. Display Image

    Include a logo of the event, or an image of the venue itself. (Recommended image size 480 x 400)
  5. Event Date and Time

    Specify dates and times for your event.

Adding an eBook

Publishing an eBook is a resourceful way of learning for our users, and now that you have created one, it's time to promote your content. Add your eBook with the below:

  1. eBook title, Category, and Date of Creation

    Add the title of your eBook, the relevant categories and when the content was created.
  2. Upload an eBook cover

    Upload and save the cover of your eBook - this will be the first image associated with your content and seen by users.
  3. Description

    Add a short description explaining what your eBook is about. Try to keep this short and creative, this will be what your potential readers see before making the decision to buy.